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Beyond the Screen: Adopting a Truly Omnichannel Mindset

ZOLTAN RADANYI Director, Experienc Design, EPAM Hungary

2019. március 06. - VGeri

There’s no escaping it – we exist in a world where digital dominates so many aspects of our lives, and people undeniably expect multiple, easy-to-use touchpoints when connecting with a brand. In fact, 90% of users will move between devices to accomplish a single goal. If organizations fail to deliver an exceptional and seamless digital experience, they risk quickly becoming irrelevant.

For brands that have existed long before the digital revolution, adapting to this ecosystem can be overwhelming. But it is possible to champion the end-to-end experience. Take for example one of the oldest organizations in the world – the Red Cross.

Traditional methods for reaching donors and volunteers weren’t enough for the Hungarian Red Cross (HunRC), especially when it came to younger generations. With that in mind, the HunRC set out to expand their brand identity by acknowledging the digital space.

Before collaborating to revitalize their website, we worked with the HunRC to develop a blood donation app. After a successful launch, the HunRC decided that it was time to upgrade their website to feature a responsive, user-friendly design, consistent user interface optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Part of providing the ultimate user experience involves not only viewing channels as interconnected sources of information with consistent objectives, but also understanding your audience at a very granular level. This was particularly important for the HunRC, as they have a broad target audience. Constant communication and transparency were crucial elements to this project’s success that helped us develop a highly engaging and informative experience.

After launching their new website on World Red Cross Day, the HunRC received more online donations in three months than they typically do in a year. They also saw an increase in site visits and maximized conversion across devices. On November 15, they received the Quality Award in the Social and Civil Organizations category for the revamped website at the 2017 Website of the Year Awards.

This recognition is a testament to the Hungarian Red Cross’s journey toward implementing end-to-end solutions that resonate with their audience. For the HunRC, this collaboration wasn’t just updating a website – it was also about adopting the mindset that the user experience is never-ending. The HunRC is even taking their omnichannel initiatives a step further…

Building a community of youths who view humanitarianism as a lifestyle required the HunRC to think about creative ways to inspire them to get involved “beyond the screen.” During the audience research phase, they found that young people frequently go to coffee shops to socialize. Taking their new approach to engagement and outreach into account, the HunRC is conceptualizing a coffee shop where young people can hang out, drink coffee and, of course, make donations from a percentage of their purchases in the process.

By changing their way of thinking, the HunRC has opened new avenues to attract more volunteers and donors, and has paved the way for continuous improvement as a brand.

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