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Global Coderetreat

2015. november 14. - EPAM



EPAM joined to the global initiative to provide a room (both literally and actually) to developers who aim to ameliorate their skills.

In Budapest and Debrecen altogether 30+ participants attended the event.




Starting with some breakfast and coffee, we had a nice warm-up and get to know morning. On the plenary we went through the agenda, and the sponsor videos. Afterwards the facilitators, Péter Nagy and Zoltán Siegl talked about the aim of the gathering, the principals and the rules.

And then the show has began.




The day started with some socializing in here as well. Bertalan Kiss facilitated the whole day, all technical questions, constrains and steering was managed by him individually.


The retros were similar to a big stand-up: everybody shared their experiences and findings, mistakes and conclusions. We often laughed a bit, but also found important knowledge, of course.

EPAM invited the participants for a lunch, so the fuel tanks got refilled for the afternoon sessions after the 3rd iteration.

By the end of the day all attendees were tired and at the same time smarter :)


For the great hosting and organizing, credit goes to Brigi Pósán (Debrecen) and Eszter Reimann (Budapest)


Hope to see you next year!


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